For Prospective Members

A client's need for legal counsel occasionally reaches beyond their immediate geographic area. For more than 125 years, these potential clients have relied upon Campbell's List giving our directory an unparalleled reputation.

The print edition of Campbell's List can be found in law offices, state and local courts, libraries, consulates, manufacturing and wholesale concerns, banks, insurance companies and credit unions. An expanding number of clients from around the world consult this web site.

To reach these clients, we encourage you to inquire about membership in Campbell's List. Your entry would include contact information, including a link to your web site, as well as your preferred areas of practice. You may wish to include a Practice Profile-- an enhanced listing that spotlights your law firm and raises your visibility on the internet.

We limit the number of listees to allow our members the exclusive listing for their location though larger metropolitan may include more than one member. Fees are based upon a combination of population, territory and commercial importance.

For details on a listing for your firm with Campbell's List, send us your contact information and the best time to reach you. We will be happy to get back to you.

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